Picture Perfect – The 1 Year Anniversary at The Bitter End!

Photo by John Gonzales

May 25th marked the one year anniversary of the release of my debut album, Picture Perfect. To celebrate, the band and I played a special show at one of my favorite venues in the city: The Bitter End. It’s always a bit of a homecoming whenever we play there, because it’s something we normally do only once or twice a year, and whenever we do, many of our family members and old friends who we don’t see often come through. I’m happy to say that this time around was no different.

The night featured performances of tracks from the new album including my all-vocal loop version of Paper Shapes as well as a revisiting of older material like Try, Wait, a track from my first studio EP, The.Tale.And. To top the night off, we played a brand new song entitled “5 to Life”- a song about caring about someone so much, you’d commit crimes:

Video by Feliza Mirasol

Click here for a playlist of videos of the night.

A special thank you to my family, friends, and fellow artists who came out to support the one year anniversary of the album! Thanks as well to Matt Pana, John Violago, and Amanda Yu for their time and talent in making the show possible.   Finally, a big thank you to Feliza Mirasol and John Gonzales who took the video and pics you see here!

Photo by John Gonzales

And now, it’s on to the next. I’ve been staying up working on new riffs on my new guitar, and I just got Reason 5. Time to bring new to the table. :)

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