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JL Sessions Part 3: Paper Shapes

Hello all,

For the third and final installment of the Jay Legaspi sessions, I’m proud to present, Paper Shapes:

Quite simply, the song is about being in over your head.  Given the percussive nature of the track, I wanted to showcase some beatboxing and looping for live performances, and this is what I came up with. If you like it, please share the video and help me spread the word!

This video was the biggest undertaking in terms of the sessions, and the one I’m the proudest of.  Thank you to JR Pena and Daniel Dai who were the creative force behind this project, and to Luke Villapaz and Michael Fernandez, who provided additional camerawork.  A special thank you as well to Amanda Yu who recorded the audio and worked behind the scenes to make sure the session ran smoothly, and to Grace Subervi, who offered additional assistance on set.  This video was all due to their hard work, and I can’t thank them enough!

I hope you enjoy!  Lyrics are at the bottom.  If you like what you hear, there is a version of the track on my most recent album, Picture Perfect.

For those curious about my setup, I’m using an Electro-Harmonix 2880 Super Multi-Track Looper.  The mixer feeding the audio to the loop is a Behringer Xenyx 1002FX.   My microphone is a Shure Beta Series 58A.

Paper Shapes
Not to sound a broken record she said
But for the record I am scared of the things that passed
In the last few minutes
Patience worn like the tires thinned
By the ground ground ground

And I replied with an immeasurable wit
And what would have been a riot if we weren’t faced with
What had made itself to be
A truth that kept us tightly wound
So there we were like paper shapes in 3-D planes
Aware of a depth we couldn’t fake
No matter how much we tried to bend or twist

A tragic netting made from tearing out a page
Made to hold against a sea of crashing waves
We just weren’t made or cut out for this

We’re not cut out for this
We’re not cut out for this
We’re not cut out for this
We’re not cut out for this
We’re going down down down

Music and lyrics by Jay Legaspi

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JL Sessions Part 2: 10 Past 3

Hello all!

I’m happy to announce that the second installment of the Jay Legaspi Sessions is now up!  I’m proud to present, 10 Past 3:

This was a song I wrote literally at 3:10 AM, and it holds a special significance to me as it’s one of the very first songs I ever wrote.  I love the simplicity and directness of it, and it reminds me of the time when it was just me, a guitar, and a marble notebook.

I hope you enjoy!

Special thanks to JR Pena and Daniel Dai for their creative direction in producing this and all the videos in the series.  A big thank you again to Luke Villapaz and Shelby Chung for the additional camerawork, and a big thank you as well to Amanda Yu who was behind the scenes and the Protools rig making sure I looked and sounded good.

Also, a shout out to Gifted Thought, who wrote some very kind words about the song, and named it his #2 track in his Top 10 Asian-American Tracks of the decade!

10 Past 3
It’s 10 Past 3 and I’m wondering
If I’m in past over my head and I’m
Filled with a lot of anxiety
I apologize in advance for
Not giving you any type of warning
I hope that you won’t get too mad at me

Don’t read too much between the lines, ’cause I haven’t written much this time
Just want to see if I’d be fine without you in my life
And my heart says no
But my mind says it’s possible
But can’t get you out of my head
Ironic, and I know I’m not prepared

Take one last step, take a breath and just clear my head
Wipe the tears from my eyes and go to bed
Can’t believe the dream is ending
Still I can’t stand holding back when I’m feeling us slip away
Oh darling, you know that I just can’t stay
And leave me at that

Lyrics and Music by Jay Legaspi

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JL Sessions: Part 1 is Out Now!

Hey all!

Today starts the first installment of the Jay Legaspi Sessions!  I’m really excited to share these videos with you, and what better way to start a series than with an introduction to myself!  Check out this interview piece we shot highlighting my creative process and my musical career:

A big thank you to JR Pena and Daniel Dai who put this and all of the series together!  A big thank you as well to Luke Villapaz and Shelby Chung, who were behind the other cameras, and Amanda Yu for moderating the interview and handling sound.

More to come!  Be sure to check the site every week!


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Jay Legaspi Sessions – March 2012

Hello all!

I’m happy to announce the upcoming Jay Legaspi Sessions, a series of videos to be released this month!  For a taste of what’s to come in March, check out the teaser:

The first part of the series is an interview piece touching on my music, my creative process, and my career up to this point.  The following two parts of the series will be performance pieces, including a multi-angled view of how I build a song with nothing but a microphone and a loop pedal.

The Jay Legaspi Sessions were shot under the creative direction of JR Pena and Daniel Dai with the help of many talented individuals.  We hope you enjoy the teaser, and what’s to come in the following weeks!

Every new video will be posted on the front page of, so be sure to check back to see each piece!

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Cynthia Lin x Jay Legaspi Show!

Just a reminder about tomorrow night’s show at Googie’s Lounge!  It’s my first time playing there, so come out and watch if you can.  I’ll be opening for the very talented Cynthia Lin!

Wednesday JUNE 15, 2011
8:30pm – 10:30pm @ Googie’s Lounge above the Living Room
154 Ludlow St, NYC
no cover, 21+, 1 drink min per set
$5 suggested donation

Please spread the word.  Hope to see you there!

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2 More Shows in June!

Hey all,

June is just starting, and with 2 shows coming up, we’re starting it off right! Continue reading

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Picture Perfect – The 1 Year Anniversary at The Bitter End!

Photo by John Gonzales

May 25th marked the one year anniversary of the release of my debut album, Picture Perfect. To celebrate, the band and I played a special show at one of my favorite venues in the city: The Bitter End. It’s always a bit of a homecoming whenever we play there, because it’s something we normally do only once or twice a year, and whenever we do, many of our family members and old friends who we don’t see often come through. I’m happy to say that this time around was no different. Continue reading

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PA <-> NY: 3 shows in 1 weekend

3 shows. 2 in Philadelphia, and 1 in NYC.  217 miles of driving.  All in one weekend.  It’s been a long time since I’ve done three shows consecutively, but it was definitely fun, and I’m looking forward to doing it again!

Continue reading

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Buzz Buzz Buzz

It’s a busy triple-header weekend! 2 Shows in Philly, and one in NYC! Will you be at one of them?

5/20 (Friday), 7:30P – Family Style Open Mic @ Asian Arts Initiative – Philadelphia, PA
5/21 (Saturday), 7:30P – FISDU Spring Coffee House – Drexel University
5/22 (Sunday), 7:00P – Kollaboration Open Mic- The National Underground, NYC

Continue reading

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